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128 basic rule bdsm part four It’s time for something I have to do!

Submitted by blogbdsm on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 11:36

4. I will respect my master.

35. My master has control over me.

36. Master’s command is what I must do. As long as it is not insane, unsafe, unconsentual, or in violation of my limits, I will do what he orders me. (We assume from here on out that commands are not in violation of limits, unsafe, insane, or unconsentual.)

37. Master’s command is my pleasure. No matter what it is; whether it is degrading, whether it is painful, whether it is humiliating, whether it is disgusting. No matter, I must do it. I must do it.

38. Master will respect me as long as I respect him.

39. I will do his commands as best to my abilities. I will follow his orders with as much rigor as I can muster, and with the most exactitude possible.

40. I am his slave.

Some generic rules*

*I do not promise or confirm that your master will demand these things of you. I would like to reitterate that these rules were not written to be a standard. I am merely writing this to give an alternative view to that of the other 128.

41. I will refer to my Master directly however Master commands me to. This means that I will never answer Master, “Yes” but rather (for example) “Yes, Master” or “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am”.

42. Never will I refer to my master by name, unless Master has specifically ordered or asked me to do so.

43. When I am talking about my Master to someone else, I still then will not call Master by his proper name, but the honorific or title he has told me to use.

44. I must be well-nourished. Therefore, not just for Master but also for myself, I will try to stay healthy. For Master, it is perhaps for the looks. Or perhaps he legitamitely wants to see me healthy. For me, it must never be about the looks. I must never have a low self-esteem, either because of my position, or because of exterior things.

45. I will always do my best. For master, and for life in general.

46. While we are in a session, Master’s pleasure is of greater importance than of mine. Hopefully, however, his pleasure will be my pleasure.

47. I will not think of others lustfully.

48. I will not date, go out with, or become romantically involved with anyone apart from my Master. Master will do the same*.

49. I will nto have another Master. Master will not have another slave*.

50. I will not have sex in any capacity, be it oral, anal, or vaginalwith anyone but Master. Master will follow suit*.

(* There is a fetich that exists called cuckold play. If this is a part of your relationship, then your Master is exempt from these three rules only if a) you have agreed on it, b) youunderstand that paradoxially he is having sex with others for your pleasure, at least in part.)

51. My master ‘owns’ my body. I am just an ‘object’ and ‘nothing more’ to Master. An ‘object for Master’s pleasure’.

(I put most of that in quotations because it is assumed that both people know this isn’t really true.)

52. Master ‘owns’ all of my body. My eyes, my ears, my nose, my arms, my legs, my heart, my lungs, my toes, my feet, my fingers, all of my body. (FOR GIRLS) His/Her toys are my breasts, my nipples, my pussy, my mouth, my ass. (FOR BOYS) His/Her toys are my cock, my balls, my ass, my mouth. (EVERYONE) Therefore, I will not play with Master’s toys unless I have been given explicit and specific permission from Master, or a command from master.