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128 basic rule slave part seven(bdsm training)

Submitted by blogbdsm on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 12:02
91. I respect and will always respect my master. I will respect Master in my heart. I will make sure to put in the extra effort to show how much I respect master.


92. I will never speak while Master is speaking. If I am speaking, unless we are having a conversation where we both are equals, and Master starts speaking I will immidiately stop speaking and listen to him. Failure to do this deserves a punishment.

93. When I listen to Master, I give my undivided attention. Failure to do this deserves a punishment.

94. If Master has told me that s/he wants me to make eye contact, I will. If Master has told me not to make eye contact, I will not make eye contact. If Master has not told me specifically, I will do whatever I feel is right.

95. I will always call my master by the Name or Title he has assigned to me. Failure to do this will get me punished.

96. I will thank Master for every reward, no matter how small. Failure to do this may result in taking away the reward.

97. I will thank master lenghily at the end of each session.

98. I will lengthily apologize for each transgression I make, before and after the punishment. An example of an apology (for, let’s say, a girl masturbating while not having permission- that’s a big one.)

99. I will try to follow Master’s instructions, rules, and orders to the best of my abilities, capabilities, and power.
100. If me and my Master are in love, I will love him/her for as long as I love him/her (hopefully forever).
101. I acknowledge the two major reasons why I have became a part of this relationship/ the BDSM part of this relationship.
102. The first one is the pleasure I get from serving. It makes me happy to serve my Master. I am devoted to him, and his pleasure must always come (‘cum’) first. It is my satisfaction when Master is satisfied with me. I am happy when master is happy with me. I love serving my Master, and I trust him.


103. The other big reason that I started the BDSM part of this relationship is because I am a masochist. I love pain, I love humiliation, I love degradation. Pain to me is pure pleasure. With humiliation, I am boisterous and filled with the glee at humiliating my slut self. I am worthless (at least I pretend to be) and love the feeling of being treated like it.

104. These two reasons are equal in both Master and slave. Masters should get pleasure out of control, and torturing their slaves. Slaves should get pleasure out of submission, and being tortured.

105. Since this is a give and take relationship, Masters must make sure that their slave’s two desires are accounted for. And slaves must make sure that their Master feels in control of them, and that their Master can torture them.

106. I, and my Master, are both sexual beings.


107. This means not that I am only a sexual being, but that part of myself is sexual.

108. I am not to be ashamed of my sexuality.

109. I am also a sensual being.

110. I am not to be ashamed of my sexuality.

111. It is my Master’s duty to make sure both my sexual and sensual needs are taken care of.

112. Therfore I’ll do everything I can to do the same for him/her.

113. If Master allows me to choose clothes, then I will choose my sluttiest clothes for when I am with Master. (That is, unless he does not want me to.)

114. When Master orders me to do something I’ll do it as sexually and sensually as as I see fit for the occasion.

115. If me and Master have sex, I’ll do my best to pleasure Master. If this sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both of us, Master will do the same for me. If this sex is only enjoyable by Master, then I will accept it and move on.

116. If Master wants to take our BDSM relationship public, and it is not specifically against my limits, I will not keep our BDSM a secret.


117. If, however, Master does not want to publicize it, I will not speak of it.

118. Master may want to have a BDSM party. If this happens, many people with the same type of relationship (or at least interests) will be with me.

119. During these parties, I’ll be on my best behavior.

120. But that should nto take away from who matters most at that party; Master.

121. Any rule Master makes supercedes these.


122. I am to know that these rules are only examples of common rules, and were originated to give contrast to the other 128 rules.

123. However, the first 33 rules are rules describing my rights and safety. If Master wants a relationship that violate any of these, I probably do not want that kind of relationship, and should try to get away from thar person.

124. Master may not agree with some of these rules. He may want more of a serious relationship.

125. In that case I remind you, these rules were created to show contrast to the other 128.

126. I will follow my Master’s orders.


127. I will respect my master and Master’s rules.

128. I am his/her slave.