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128 basic rule slave part six(slave training)

Submitted by blogbdsm on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 12:01

71. If my master assigns me a task, of any type, and I fail to do it, fail to do it correctly, or worst of all refuse to do it (if it is not in violation of SSC/limits) or if I disrespect my Master or break one of Master’s rules, Master has the right and reponsibility to punish me.

72. Master’s punishing me serves two purposes. Firstly and more obviously, it is an epithet for Master’s sadism. Secondly, it is to offer me guidance and redirection. It (hopefully) teaches me that what I did was wrong, and that I shouldn’t do it again.

73. An appropriate punishment is worse than a task. Master probably won’t use flaggelation as a task.

74. Punishments relating (no matter how coyly or cleverly) to the transgression I have made are best.

75. Punishments can cover any of the areas a task would, but more extreme.

76. Remeber that it is fine to use your safeword in a punishment.

77. But Master will also previde rewards for when I do something well, right, or good.

78. I trust master will be creative in both his punishments and his rewards.


What About Switchdom relationships?


79. A switchdom relationship is pone in which the role of master and slave alternates.

80. If mine and Master’s relationship is like that, then I promise to keep my dominant side inactive when I am a slave, and when I am a master to keep my submissive side inactive.



81. I worship my master.

82. I enjoy every chance that I have to spend with him. I love being with him, and the closer I get to him the happier I am and the better behaved I am.

83. My master is, in my eyes, a perfect being. Every aspect of him and his life is beautiful.


For people in Maledom relationships: (84 a) I worship my Master’s cock. I worship it all the time. When I get to see it my eyes fill with pleasure. When I have it in my mouth, or even better; inside of me, I swell with pride. If it is in my mouth I will do my best to keep it clean, and to make sure He is satisfied.

For people in Femdom relationships: (84 b) I worship my Mistresses’ pussy. I always worship it. It is beautiful, and my favorite part of Mistresses’ body, for it is the part I can physically pleasure best. When she lets me clean it with my mouth, or even better, be inside of it, I will be proud and make sure she is satisfied.

85. I also worship not only my Master’s genitals, but their entire body.

86. I worship Master’s ass.

87. I am devoted to my Master.

88. I will have no other Master but master.

89. If my Master wants me to, I will bow down to him/her.

90. I confirm that worshipping is not worshipping in a religious sense,