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Breast Torture

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Breast torture. It is ‘an organ in a strategic position to be tortured even with hands pointing in the eye until this does not lower his gaze. The female breast is a very complex organ that contains the mammary gland the originators of the ducts that carry milk ending in nipple that the woman is rich in nerve endings also linked to sexual stimulation.Given the prevalence of breast implants is also questionable whether it is safe BDSM in the presence of the so-called “boobs”.the answer is it depends: there are two approaches to breast prostheses subglandular andsubmuscular implants. the first is the most widespread for economic reasons, but is also the most superficial, but then also the most exposed to trauma, submuscular instead gives more protection.As for the BDSM in my view have to be very careful in both cases: are tight bondage, whipping, slapping and various shots are absolutely to avoid not only the risk of implant rupture but for the most concrete risk of his dislocation. If the prosthesis so my advice is to concentrate on nipples...Leaving aside the boobs now I wanted to speak of the means of tortureused on breast clamps, clips and the like.Blocking the circulation through these tools willstimulate pain receptors (for a sadist like me it’s time to watch the slave in the eye seeing the suffering)


Care must be taken here, however, if a person at some point no longer feels the pain is notbecause you are used to, but because the pain receptors have discharged, although the painceases traffic blockages continues so you have to pay attention to how long you hold theseinstruments on cappezzoli the slave, we must be very careful not to disasters.

I did not write this article to scare anyone, but just to warn the responsibility in making these games that are fun if done carefully to both for employers and for the slaves, but should be done with the head on his shoulders.

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breast torture