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pubblic humiliation: a few things that may be ordered as a slave

Submitted by blogbdsm on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 15:00

Public humiliation is something very interesting for master, especially in the training phase of a slave, because she does grow in the awareness of its nature as a submissive.

Here are the main practices that you can do:

  1. the slave can speak in public only if authorized by its Master
  2. she should always ask permission from the Master to go to the bathroom
  3. she must be handcuffed to the shopping cart at supermarket
  4. she must be tied to a pole outside the shops, if the Master must go to a store
  5. When the master requires it must get on their knees and lick his shoes or feet
  6. she must kiss the ground every time he gets out of the Master
  7. she must kiss the ground every time he gets out of the Master
  8. she must kiss the chair or the chair whenever the master sits
  9. at the restaurant will be forced to eat with one hand tied behind the chair
  10. at the restaurant can not order, can eat only what the Master may also order from the bowl for dog
  11. she can be forced to masturbate if the master requires it
  12. if there are no seats must get on all fours to seat the master

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