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a secretary for my girlfriend second chapter

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Before departing I imposed to Jessica that would have had to eliminate the slip from her wardrobe and to present herself  is in the office from my girl that with me she was dressed that day in the office for the interview and that from now on she would have had to call me master.
I attached to the pussy  of Jessica of the ovulis that you wave to varying speed through a remote control wifi to put it in embarrassment in aereoporto and the thing I work’, because on the mobile staircase of the aereoporto in Venice it was about to enjoy and it made a so strange face to camouflage the state of excitement, that a lady asked her if he felt badly. Then I extinguished the remote control, it was one of the scenes most exciting to which assisted in my life.
When we arrived to London we lodge in one of the most famous hotels, the doorman was taking us the suitcases, when I stopped him and I told him of no that Jessica would have brought her in room. The awkward walk of Jessica in to bring the suitcases along the staircases, also for the heels to pin that brought it did him that the doorman looked  with an expression that said: “you are really a sow.” It was the first true public humiliation of Jessica a situation that excited a lot me.
Once arrived in room I told her that for me she was only a dog and that she would not have had the right to eat and to drink with me to the restaurant. I two bowls one to eat, one to drink and I told her that these two days she would have had to eat from the bowls as a true dog.
I filled one with the bowls of water and the other of biscuits for dogs and I forced her both to eat whether to drink as a true dog. Thin Jessica’ to eat and it looked me crying asking me because I treated her in that way.
I responded that a slave which was her didn’t have the right to verify the orders of  her master and that she would have had to be punished for this affront. Jessica tried to apologize in enough awkward way, but I told her that I could not make to pass a violation to her obligations of this gravity, I discovered her the sederino I imposed her to lie down on the bed and I gave her 30 lined with a bamboo stick imposing to thank me to her for every lined, that I would have given her. Unfortunately for her to every lined its sederino was red more and more and always hurt her and its thanks for the punishment that I was giving her it did him weak more and more. The red ass didn’t interest very rather me it was very nice, however I could not bear the fact that the thanks of the dog to every lined didn’t feel him, my pride of master was stricken, therefore it was evident that the inflicted punishment was not sufficientee that Jessica went really straightened.
I taken one of those clothes-stands that the women use to attach the skirts and instead of attaching us these, I attached there her nipples, the dog it howled as a crazy person from the pain, the scene it was very exciting I must say. After two minutes I detached the clothes-stand, I put her collar and leash and we went to the restaurant of the hotel where I had to eat, obviously she be owed him of it to kennel under the table, arousing the disgust of the present ladies.
The Sunday begin the real session of training of Jessica that physically it was a portent fourth grade of breasts, legs modeled by the aereobica and a small ass that it lets all the passers-by turns.
The training I start with to bring Jessica in bath, where I pissed out of the water and the costrinsia to clean from my piss, the floor using my language, this time the dog obeyed without saying a word for fear of my severity that had tasted down on her meat. I punished her the same because the disgust was clearly seen for what did and I told her that it didn’t owe him more to give to see in how much alone had to be it satisfies some honor that had been her its master in to allow to taste her its piss. I tied her hands and feet on the bed and I started to use mine whips to first manina on the breasts and then on the fighetta. You clearly saw from as it howled that it was the first time that was whipped in so intimate parts, in fact it howled as a crazy person for the pain and the thing it was quite a lot stimulant. Unfortunately the weekend was about to turn at the end and I had the time to submit alone Jessica a last terrible test the forced orgasm I attached a vibrator on the pussy of Jessica and I left him/it for an abundant hour , the small dog it had repetition orgasms mixing enjoyment and humiliation alternated to bother and pain in the period refratteria.
Unfortunately the moment had come to reenter in Italy, the day later Jessica would have started to work and a new life in which every thing would have been definite from me.

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