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varius whip type: first chapter short whip

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The whisk nagaika: the whip of Cossacks short rather stocky formed by a handle wrapped in fine leather with a tail of braided leather. The main purpose was to encourage the horse. The main purpose was to encourage the horse, but some variations were made deadly from having the final part of the metal handle, it served for the melee combat.

il lento scivolare di una coppia verso l’abisso della sottomissione 14

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La notte per le tre ragazze fu abbastanza tranquilla anche se le aspettava la punizione che Maria aveva promesso loro, ma ormai era assuafatte alla loro condizione e il fatto di poter per una volta dormire tranquillamente le aveva rese felici o perlomeno non preoccupate e trascorsero sonni abbastanza tranquilli.

128 basic rule slave part six(slave training)

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71. If my master assigns me a task, of any type, and I fail to do it, fail to do it correctly, or worst of all refuse to do it (if it is not in violation of SSC/limits) or if I disrespect my Master or break one of Master’s rules, Master has the right and reponsibility to punish me.

72. Master’s punishing me serves two purposes. Firstly and more obviously, it is an epithet for Master’s sadism. Secondly, it is to offer me guidance and redirection. It (hopefully) teaches me that what I did was wrong, and that I shouldn’t do it again.

introduzione al BDSM

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Se si dovesse chiedere a dieci persone diverse cos’è il BDSM probabilmente si otterebbero dieci risposte diverse per non parlare di quello che dicono tutti i siti e blog nati sul tema. Ma qual’è la verità? cercherò nel mio piccolo di farvelo scoprire.

Molti nel definire il BDSM si rifanno al significato della sigla BDSM  che sta per Bondage and discipline, Domination, Sadism, Masochism, altri si rifanno al concetto di dominazione e sottomissione o di schiavitù più o meno pesante.

128 basic rule BDSM part five

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53. I confirm my trust in my Master. I trust he will keep me well. I trust he will honor my rights, and I trust he will take care of me.


54. I trust he will take care of my body. I trust he will take care of my mind. I trust he will make sure all of my needs, be they physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, or sexual.

55. I will not blindly trust my master.

56. However, I will trust him until he transgresses my limits or the SSC.

128 basic rule bdsm part four It’s time for something I have to do!

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4. I will respect my master.

35. My master has control over me.

36. Master’s command is what I must do. As long as it is not insane, unsafe, unconsentual, or in violation of my limits, I will do what he orders me. (We assume from here on out that commands are not in violation of limits, unsafe, insane, or unconsentual.)

37. Master’s command is my pleasure. No matter what it is; whether it is degrading, whether it is painful, whether it is humiliating, whether it is disgusting. No matter, I must do it. I must do it.


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