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slave training

Slave girl Veronica Avluv is shared by Isis Love and Dane Cross in BDSM fuckfestival

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Available now at Sex and Submission: Threesome BDSM Fuckfest Veronica Avluv

Slave girl Veronica Avluv is shared by Isis Love and Dane Cross in this threesome BDSM fuckfest.

Veronica Avluv


Veronica Avluv is new upperfloor slave

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Available now at The Training of O: The Training of a Nympho Anal MILF, Final Day

Veronica Avluv is set to graduate slave training but must first prove her worth in the domestic setting. Her Housekeeping may not be up to par, but she sure fucks like a slave using all her slutty holes to get the job done. Avluv is put into humiliating predicaments that pit her ability to keep house with her aching to satisfy hard cock. Watch our intrepid slave girl do her best to keep up in this highly amusing finale of the Nympho Anal MILF series.

Bondage è necessario nel bdsm?

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Quando si pensa al  BDSM è difficile non pensare al bondage e a tutto quello che è vi è collegato: corde, manette.  Per molte aspiranti schiave questo potrebbe essere fonte di preoccupazione, dopotutto è realmente necessario il bondange in un rapporto BDSM?

the basic of enemas

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What is an Enema?

An enema is the procedure of introducing liquids into the bowel via the anus. Enemas can be carried out for medical reasons, as part of alternative therapies, and also for erotic purposes.

I have found there are several uses for an enema; ranging from health reasons, to means of punishment, to sensual fun…enemas are an interesting avenue to explore that can lead to new adventures and a whole new sadistic side of one’s self that you never knew existed before.


Erotic Enemas

how to plan a BDSM scene

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Many Dominants try to train submissives by simply doing whatever comes to mind or by having a basic outline of what they may want to do.  Many experienced Dominants can get away with this because they have experienced much of the different training scenarios previously and know how they will be able to handle any changes they need to make on the fly.  Where this becomes an issue, is with new Dominants.

Below is an example layout of a lesson plan you can create for your submissive.


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