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varius whip type: first chapter short whip

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The whisk nagaika: the whip of Cossacks short rather stocky formed by a handle wrapped in fine leather with a tail of braided leather. The main purpose was to encourage the horse. The main purpose was to encourage the horse, but some variations were made deadly from having the final part of the metal handle, it served for the melee combat.

Whip korbacs: used by the Hungarians to encourage their horses is very similar to the nagaika, but with variable length that can reach the metro, but also his final part differs.

Whip rebenque: it’s the whisk of the argentinian gaucho and made of a wood manicodi along about 30 cm to which is attached a tail consisting of a double strip of leather is as long as the sleeve. Until 1980 when in Argentina were abolished corporal punishment was also used for this purpose.

Whip arreador: it’s a whip in two pieces similar to the nagaika, even if a little more long used in south america usually by knights and then by more affluent of simple gauchos, it has a wooden handle thick long 40 cm often with the final part in silver. The queue is in braided leather.

Whop Whip rope: it is a whip used to train and motivate the horses, even if it is a type of whip lighter than the similar instruments in leather.

The Dragontail whip(tail of dragon): this is a whip designed to BDSM. it Can be of variable length by about fifty centimeters to a meter . Depending on the models may have a handle short or long to which is attached a flat strip, also leather.