Ideas for soft punishment

Ideas for soft punishment:

If you’re a care giver you might have a hard time finding punishments for your little outside of a swat or two. Here is a massive list of punishments for you to use! some

-Early Bed Time
-No Internet/tumblr
-No “play/naughty” time (masturbation)
-No netflix
-No video games
-Take away the paci
-No dessert/sweets/pop or Soda
-Time Out
-Take a sticker off the reward chart
-Writing Lines, the number and what is written can be decided by you
-Teasing, you can torture your little and refuse to let them Orgasm. bring them close to climax (edging) and then stop. repeat as desired.
-Cleaning house/care
-Denied Orgasms
-Fines/Swearing Jar
-Whipping/flogging/paddling (more intense than spanking, but should only be done if ok with your little)
-Forced to wear vibrator while CG has the remote.
-Nipple clamps
-Clothespins on privates/nipples
-Anal Beads/plug – forced to wear all day
-No underwear for the whole day
-No fingering/sex/oral/fondling
-Ball gag for certain time period
-Shaming/degrading (if little is ok with that)
-Forced diaper time/deny potty breaks (with approval)
-Loss of computer time

this is some ideas for soft punishment

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