nipple torture

Probably the most common nipple torture technique is pinching or squeezing. This is often done using tweezers. These have two rubber-tipped metal fingers which are placed on either side of an erect nipple. The fingers are then pressed together and a locking ring is slid into place to hold the tweezers closed. The closer the locking ring is to the rubber tips, the tighter the squeeze.

To add to the pain or discomfort of the bottom or submissive being tortured, some tops and dominants will hang small weights from the clamps. This is mostly done when using alligator clamps because they tend to have the tightest and most secure grip. Hanging weights from nipple clamps tends to be most effective when the submissive is tied more or less vertically, or when they’re positioned leaning forward so that the weights hang in the air.

As well as squeezing or clamping, nipples can also be twisted. This involves firmly gripping a nipple between your thumb and forefinger and then twisting and pulling it. Nipples are usually quite well attached and won’t come off when you do this. It can, however, deliver a lot of pain and the pain is much easier to control (and perhaps more satisfying to deliver) than using mechanical devices such as clamps.

Using electricity, or electro play, to torture nipples can be done with two main devices. These are the T.E.N.S. unit and the violet wand.

Another form of nipple torture, which can lead to changes or lengthening of the nipple, is stretching. This is where the nipple is deliberately pulled outwards from the chest, elongating it.

Biting is a very effective technique for torturing nipples. This can be nipping with the front teeth, prolonged biting, or gnawing. Of course, it can be combined with sucking, and can create a very wide variety of sensations, discomfort and, of course, pain ranging from mild to very intense.

Alternative Ways of nipple torture may be laudry laudry pegs and coat hangers