128 basic slave rule: introduction The Ten Commandments of Ownership

128 basic rule slave for me:

1. I confirm that I am my master’s slave.

2. I give my master the right to have power over me.

3. I recognize my servitude is not an actual slavery. My master does not (At least in a legal sense) own me. I am my master’s willing slave.

4. Once I am not willing, my master no longer has power on me.

5. I will not abuse that, and neither will my master. Therefore, if my Master orders me to do something I do not want to do, then I will not threaten to leave my master. And also, on Master’s end, if Master wants me to do something that I seriously can not bring myself to do, Master has no right to make me.

6. I confirm that we have a relationship.

7. If one person isn’t having a good time in the relationship, the relationship is useless, and almost obscene. So therefore, my master must give and take, and I must give and take. My master gives me the pleasure of being a slave, and takes the pleasure of being a master. I take the pleasure of being a slave, and my master takes the pleasure of being a master. Just because my master is in a position of dominance, and I am in submission doesn’t mean that my master can make me do something that I don’t get pleasure out of in BDSM, or at least without making up for it.

8. I respect that on a legal, moral, philisophical, religious, platonic, and all levels that are not sexual, we are equals. Only in the time we have agreed on am I not equal to my master, and this is because I have let myself be small and my master has let become big. This is what makes the relationship equal.

9. I promise that I will not let being a slave ruin my self-confidence, and I hope that my master will not let Master’s dominance inflate my master’s self esteem.

10. I admit that if my master does not like this relationship anymore, or if I do not like this relationship anymore, I confirm the normal right to either end the relationship, or end the BDSM part of the relationship.

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