128 basic rule slave: part two safety first

SAFETY FIRST(128 basic rule slave secon parts)

11. Both I and my master must each respect the principle of SSC, or “Safe, Sane, and Consentual”.

12. If this is violated, I retain the right to leave my master.

13. There is a difference between feeling unsafe, and pain. Being unsafe is when somethign potentially harmful to the body happens. This could be anything from the possibility of choking from gags, to blood loss, or the possibility of infection. Anything with serious health risks should be avoided at all costs. Pain is more like, a whipping, a spanking. You probably will not die or be seriously injured, if done properly and safely, from a whipping. However, if your master happens to think a good punishment is, say, slitting your wrist, that is unsafe. Also, he belongs in a mental institution.

14. Insanity is something that is ridiculously out of limits. An example: your master orderign you to do 50 jumping jacks, while naked, in front of your local police station. Here are some general things (and this is a generalization, perhaps in select cases it could be different) If it could get you arrested, raped, hurt, injured, or at worst: killed, you a) should not do it, b) get out of that relationship.

15. Concentual means that both people are agreeing to do it. I am introducing something I devised myself; the three levels of concentuality.

Slave wants to do task: Greenest
Slave is okay doing task: Greener
Slave can do task: Green

An example for each.

Suppose you are really into ageplay, and your master also enjoys it. Your master says that you’ll spend one day being a baby. Greenest (you want to be your master’s baby)

Suppose you can tolerate, say, crossdressing. Your master orders you to do it. Greener (You tolerate it but don’t want to do it)

Suppose you have been naughty (hopefully not!) and your master decides to whip you. Green (You don’t want to do it, and it’s not something you’d normally do, but it is not something you can’t do- it’s not against your limits.)

16. You have the right and responsibility to limits.

17. A limit can not be anything you don’t really want to do. A limit is something that for some psychological, physical, irrational, rational, or human reason you can simply not bring yourself to do. A master who has a slave with arachnophobia should not and can not chain the slave down, and put a hairy spider on the slave!

18. One of your first and most important responsibilites as a slave is to inform your master of all your limits.

19. There are soft limits and hard limits. Soft limits are breakable. Like say you for some reason you can not masturbate in front of your master. If this is a soft limit, your master can take you, with babysteps, through this soft limit until you’ve eaten threw it completely.

20. If it is a soft limit of mine, my master can slowly take it away. But if my master moves too quickly, I retain the right to ask my master to slow down (politely, of course).

21. Hard limits I may never get rid of. Sometimes they might turn to soft limits. My master must respect my hard limits.

22. I have a safeword. If this word is uttered in a task or a punishment, my master must stop immediately.

23. I will never use a safeword unless my master has transgressed one of my limits, or if I legitamitely think something is unsafe, insane, or unconsentual.

24. Using it otherwise is frowned upon, and I can and should be punished for it.

25. If I am unnable to say a safeword, (like if I am gagged) my master will and must tell me something else to do to inform me if he has transgressed my limits or if it is insane, unsafe, or unconsentual.

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